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DL-LYJ-32ME1300 coating machine
  • DL-LYJ-32ME1300 coating machine

  • product description
  • technical parameter

    1.1 Model: DL-LYJ-32ME1300

    1.2 Equipment specifications: 36680*2350*2400mm (length*width*height)

    1.3 Equipment direction: the coater head is on the left

    1.4 Material of carrier tape: PET film, thickness 75-150um, width 1350mm

    1.5 Coating width: 1300MM

    1.6 The thickness of the wet film of the strip: 0~10000um

    1.7 Coating green body accuracy: ??(1um+2% material thickness)

    1.8 Casting speed: 0.05-6 (M/min)

    1.9 Scraper height: 0??10000??m

    1.10 Clearance display (unit): 0.001mm

    1.11 Scraper height control: automatic adjustment/manual control

    1.12 Knife adjustment accuracy: 0.001

    1.13 Hot air drying setting temperature: room temperature ~ 180??C

    1.14 Heating method: electric heating

    1.15 Automatic feeding system: screw pump type

    1.16 Control level accuracy: ??0.1mm

    1.17 Liquid level height: 0-40.0mm

    1.18 Electrostatic dust removal: 2 sets at the reel, 2 sets at the unwind and 2 sets at the tail. 6 sets in total

    1.19 Correction method: ultrasonic correction or gas-liquid correction

    1.20 Tension range: 0-30kg

    1.21 Rear storage rack: 7 meters

    1.22 Air inlet filter: 570*570mm

    1.23 Working voltage: 380V 50/60HZ

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